Are you looking for a tax service that works for you and not for the IRS?

Freeman Income Tax Service is an affordable concierge tax service.  It maintains technological flexibility while still maintain hometown service.  A great solution for anyone struggling to deal with the complexities of the IRS. Call us today.

What makes us different?

We offer what many other tax offices don’t, “Service”. We are open year round and will go the extra mile to make your tax experience the best as possible. As an Enrolled Agent,Freeman Income Tax is the North-Valley Tax-Expert.

What we do and what we do not do?

We do taxes! That’s it! After consulting with you, your taxes are prepared to minimize your tax liability too the lowest possible amount.

We do not offer the biggest refund, (big refunds often means that you did not have the correct withholding or the use of your money).

We do help resolve IRS tax issues. We represent taxpayers before the IRS. We handle Audits, Appeals, Collections, Liens, Levies and Offer and Compromise cases.

We do have bookkeeping services to help you organize your records.

We are year round and your staff of Enrolled Agents are waiting to share our tax knowledge with you.

We do not sell you other products like insurance or other financial services. The only product we provide is the best tax return that can be filed. We can provide recommendations to other local professionals to help with those concern.

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