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Our Mission

The mission of Freeman Income Tax Service is to provide knowledge and confidence to the taxpayer. We do this with our efforts to stay up to date with all the latest tax law changes and to bring this knowledge back into the office where together we share the task of preparing the very best tax return. By partnering with you the taxpayer, we share the rewards of a great tax return.

Kerry Freeman, EA

I was trained by my in-laws and enrolled agents Art and Mary Louise Taber. Initially, I took over the reasonability of the 45+ year family tax practice in California before moving to Anthem with my wife Dallas in 2005. I am a local Anthem resident with ties to local services and groups like the Preferred Businesses of Anthem (PBA) and sponsor the Shred-A-Thon Event every January with the local youth group.

Kerry Freeman EA Income Tax Enrolled Agent

What is an Enrolled Agent (EA)?

The “EA” behind my name stands for Enrolled Agent. Enrolled Agents are required to demonstrate competence in matters of taxation; their right to represent taxpayers comes directly from the U.S. Government Department of the Treasury (IRS). Unlike many tax preparers for whom tax preparation is a seasonal job from January through April, EAs (Like myself) provide tax services year-round in the field of tax planning, preparation, and representation.

The Enrolled Agent (EA) designation originated in 1884 to regulate agents who represented U.S. Citizens with claims for Civil War losses. Today, EAs represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and help prepare returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and other tax entities. EAs are also experts in tax planning, and can help to ensure that you don’t pay too much or risk an audit. This makes me and my staff uniquely qualified to give you advice with no hidden agenda in selling you some products like loans, insurance, and investments. Since all of the items mentioned can have some tax consequences, I can be an important resource to consult on any of these topics.

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Rebecca Wyatt, EA

Rebecca has combined her years of financial and tax expertise to focus on tax preparation, tax mitigation and tax minimization strategies. Rebecca obtained her Enrolled agent status, the highest credential the IRS awards, and is well-positioned to educate her clients on ways to achieve their tax objectives and financial goals. As an IRS Enrolled Agent, Rebecca, like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs), has unlimited practice and representation rights before the IRS. Rebecca is unrestricted regarding which taxpayers she can represent, what types of tax matters she can handle, and which IRS offices she can represent clients.

Melanie Quint EA Income Tax Enrolled Agent

Dallas Freeman

An important part of my staff is my wife Dallas Freeman. While the rest of us are working hard to take care of your tax needs. Dallas is behind all of us with the daily running of the office and systems that make the rest of us look good.

Dallas uses her Bachelor’s degree and years of corporate training to improve every part of your experience while providing the rest of us with the tools to better take care of you.

Melanie Quint EA Income Tax Enrolled Agent